Problem Solving using meditation | Guided Meditation Online

Downside Fixing utilizing meditation | Guided Meditation On-line

Last Sunday we started a new series on solving problems in our lives using meditation as a tool. The lives of meditators who pursue spirituality are different in some ways....

Ex-Theranos worker says firm cared about funding over sufferers

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - A former Theranos lab director testified Friday that he thought the blood testing startup would be the next Apple until he realized that top executives...

Sleep Deprivation and Weight Loss

How much you sleep can be as important to achieving your weight loss goal as how much you eat. Dealing with sleep deprivation creates a cascade of reactions...

CDC director defends controversial name on Pfizer’s Covid boosters

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, insisted on Friday that she did not override a vaccine advisory committee by adding a proposal...