Assume Earlier than You Make a Huge Change

Think Before You Make a Big Change

If you book your appointment online, Mr. Ericsson recommends bringing the salon to the attention of your plans. If there is room to add a note, he suggests writing that you want a dramatic change. With that information, he said, "It will really help make your first time with a drastic change for a better result."

Dyed hair may require special shampoos, tinted conditioners, or hair masks to maintain color and condition the hair. Shorter cuts may require more frequent trips to the salon for touch ups. Budget accordingly.

Sophie C & # 39; est la Vie, a Brooklyn tattoo artist and co-owner of This Time Tmrw tattoo studio, recommends thinking about how your new body art is affecting your perception at work. If the tattoo or piercing is clearly visible, be prepared for looks and questions, even if you may not feel like handling the attention.

There are also financial considerations on large tattoo projects. Some studios take a deposit and may bill you for an hour, day, or session, Ms. Cest la Vie said. The time it takes to complete a tattoo depends on the size and details of the piece. "A very small tattoo with minimal outline can take less than five minutes, while a sleeve can last over a year, depending on how often a customer books," she said. You also need to consider costs such as tips.

"Getting a tattoo is such a personal and I would say intimate experience," said Ms. C & # 39; est la Vie, so customers should feel welcome, safe and respected.

Consult online portfolios if you are looking for a reputable salon, piercing studio, or tattoo parlor. Reach out to friends who are happy with their salon experience or have body art that you admire and look for recommendations.

Ms. C & # 39; est la Vie recommends familiarizing yourself with the tattoo design styles. Knowing the correct terminology can help identify artists who can best produce the style you want. For example, she said, if you want a geometric black and gray tattoo, an artist who is an expert in color photo-realism may not be able to "produce something for you that is more of your vision". She said.


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