AstraZeneca Releases Blueprints for Virus Vaccine Trial Amid Security Scrutiny

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Officials ordered 250 people attending the wedding to quarantine themselves pending testing. Since around 30 of them were local students, the schools have been closed for two weeks. A 10 p.m. Cafes, pubs and arcades have been put on curfew, and gyms and other sports facilities must close two hours earlier than usual. The city's parks and museums have been closed indefinitely and the conferences have been postponed. Masks were required in any indoor or public area.

The wedding guests were asked to contact their doctors as well as the city's virus emergency services until they could be tested.

Mayor Nicolò Nicolosi told Corleone's 11,000 residents in a video on Facebook on Friday that they should try to live their lives "as normally as possible" and act responsibly. "Corleone is not a red zone," he assured them, using the term Italian officials gave to the hardest hit areas at the start of the crisis in February.

Recognizing that Corleone's economy is already suffering from the pandemic, Nicolosi said he would try to limit closings as much as possible while "taking all necessary precautions to contain the virus".

The city, less than 25 miles south of the Sicilian capital, Palermo, became infamous for being the hometown of some of the most prominent members of the Corleonesi clan, who dominated the Mafia or Cosa Nostra in the 1980s.

Corleone also gained fame through Mario Puzo's "Godfather" books – the protagonists of which came from the city and were named after it – and then through the film trilogy by Francis Ford Coppola. The first of the three, which won the 1973 Oscar for Best Picture, started with a wedding in New York and later featured a second wedding in Corleone.

Although Italy outperformed Spain and France after a major relaxation of social distancing rules, officials were concerned about the steadily growing number.

The reporting was written by Ian Austen, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, Marie Fazio, Denise Grady, Jennifer Jett, Andrea Kannapell, Sheila Kaplan, Sharon LaFraniere, Adam Liptak, Choe Sang-Hun, Mitch Smith, Apoorva Mandavilli, Bryan Pietsch and Daniel Politi . Elisabetta Povoledo, Katherine J. Wu and Mihir Zaveri.


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