Biden Predicts F.D.A. Will Give Last Vaccine Approval by the Fall

Biden Predicts F.D.A. Will Give Final Vaccine Approval by the Fall

“We’re going to have great opportunities and jobs for people who will actually reinvest that money in all of the things we talk about,” said Biden. “Push prices down, don’t increase them.”


July 21, 2021, 10:02 p.m. ET

The president didn’t give a direct response to the owner of a restaurant chain, who said he was having trouble hiring workers as the economy recovered.

Mr Biden said it was good that workers had the opportunity to look for new and better jobs and that companies had to compete for hiring. He said he saw “no evidence” that the expanded unemployment benefits, which were included in the $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package signed in March, put workers off – but even if they did, they would Services will expire soon.

“I think the real thing is for people to decide now that they have the opportunity to do other things and there is a shortage of staff that people are trying to make more money and bargaining,” Biden told dem Restaurant owner. “I think your business and the tourism business are really going to be in a bind for a while.”

While Mr Biden flew to the Kentucky airport, which serves Cincinnati, the Senators were voting Wednesday on a motion to evolve the bipartisan infrastructure framework, which has not yet been finalized nearly a month after Mr Biden and the centrist lawmakers were introduced to the White House. The vote failed, so New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer and majority leader reserves the right to call another vote next week in hopes of moving the deal forward.

Government officials have started negotiations with Republicans and Democrats in the past few days to finalize the deal, including paying the expenses in full. The legislature announced on Wednesday that a final agreement would be reached in a few days.

When asked how long it will take to finalize the bipartisan deal, Mr. Biden replied, “See you Monday”.

“I come from a Senate tradition, you shake hands, that’s it. You keep your word, ”said Mr Biden. He predicted the Republicans would do so. “I think it’ll be ready.”


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