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But, she added, school is likely as safe as any place you could catch Covid-19 as a kid at a family get-together on the weekend or in the park.

"We don't know because the virus is everywhere," she told esRadio. Ms. Díaz Ayuso did not say what scientific evidence she used to predict that the infection rate in children would be this high.

Madrid is once again the epicenter of the Spanish virus pandemic, accounting for almost a quarter of the 1,830 patients hospitalized in the country last week.

In response, Madrid is now requiring the examination of all teachers returning to school, as is the case in other regions.

The result on Wednesday was chaotic: huge queues of school staff outside of the fully occupied test centers forced the testing process to be suspended.

As the situation in Madrid worsens, several other regional leaders have voiced their concerns about the admission Residents from the capital region to their cities.

Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa ruled out the idea of ​​blocking the Madrid area on Thursday.

In other developments from around the world:

  • Thailand has gone 100 days without a reported case of local broadcast, However, there is significant financial cost to succeeding in containing the spread of the virus. Thailand's last reported case of community transmission was confirmed on May 24th. Since then, hundreds of cases have been found in residents returning from abroad, but all were discovered during the required 14-day quarantine period. Thailand had reported 3,425 cases and 58 deaths on Thursday, according to a Times database.

  • India reported 83,883 new cases on Thursday, breaking his own world record. It has third highest number of cases and deaths after the US and Brazil.

  • The Czech Republic reported 650 new ones Falls on Thursday, its highest single-day increase.

  • Turkey will place restrictions on weddings and other social events, while new cases are on the rise. The daily number of cases hit nearly 1,600 in the past week.

  • The police in Australia arrested a 28-year-old pregnant woman who had started a Facebook event asking people to come out and protest the government's lockdown orders. The woman who streamed the arrest live became the fourth person in Victoria state to be charged last week for inciting protests against strict stay-at-home instructions and other measures aimed at containing the spread of the virus.

  • The Venice The film festival, the first major film extravaganza since the beginning of the pandemic, opened on Wednesday on the island of Lido with numerous protective measures. Entry will be refused to anyone with a temperature above 37.5 ° C (99.5 ° F). Masks are worn in screening rooms and outdoors, although they are removed for speeches, press conferences, and red carpet appearances.

The reporting was written by Liz Alderman, Ilise S. Carter, Choe Sang-Hun, Patricia Cohen, Ben Casselman, Michael Gold and Luis Ferré-Sadurní. Jacey Fortin, Ethan Hauser, Jennifer Jett, Juliana Kim, Sharon LaFraniere, Raphael Minder, Campbell Robertson, Eleanor Stanford, Isabella Kwai, Jim Tankersley, Katie Thomas, Lucy Tompkins, Neil Vigdor, Allyson Waller, Lauren Wolfe, Katherine J. Wu and Carl Zimmer.


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