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A video from the episode shows the wife Alicia Kitts yelling at cop Chris Smith while he tries to handcuff her. "Get off me!" She screams.

Police in Logan, a town of about 7,000 southeast of Columbus, said in a statement that a school official found Ms. Kitts was in the stands without a mask on Wednesday. This is a violation of a school policy. All spectators wear face covers. Officer Smith asked her several times to put on a mask, but she failed to adhere to it, telling the officer that she had asthma, and he also asked her several times to leave the stands, which she refused.

When he announced that she was arrested and tried to handcuff her arms behind her back, Ms. Kitts resisted and Officer Smith was using the taser on her shoulder, according to a police report. She was charged with resisting arrest and criminal intrusions.

“It is important to note that the woman was not arrested for not wearing a mask. She was asked to leave the premises because she is constantly violating school policy, ”the police said in a statement.

Ms. Kitts' attorney Maurice A. Thompson said in a statement that Logan-Hocking School District officials ignored Ms. Kitts when she told them she had asthma and denied the justification that the official was enforcing a school policy on masks.

Mr Thompson said the school does not have its own written policy and the officer is trying to enforce a nationwide policy on the wearing of masks. However, he noted that government policies exclude people with respiratory diseases. The school's position was "inconsistent with any policy or other law," Thompson said, and the school district "misapplied the law and applied it arbitrarily and violently."

Local media reported that the Logan Police Department said there had been calls from people who had raced against Officer Smith, who is black. District schools were closed on Thursday after various callers made threats against the school system and police, the Marietta Times reported.


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