Covid-19 Updates: White Home Claims a ‘Therapeutic Breakthrough’ Is Coming

Coronavirus Live Updates: Worldwide Cases Reach 20 Million

"Amazingly dangerous," tweeted Holden Thorp, editor-in-chief of Science magazine, in response to the president's statement. Referring to Dr. Hahn, the F.D.A. Commissioner he wrote: "We need @SteveFDA to stay strong."

Mr. Trump's handling of the pandemic has cost him political detriment, and criticism of him on that point was a major topic at the Democratic National Convention last week. With the Republican National Convention kicking off on Monday, his team is under pressure to change the narrative.

Dr. Gottlieb also used his talk show appearance to present the F.D.A. and his staff say strict science, not politics, guides the approval process for potential vaccines.

"I strongly oppose the idea that they would slow down or speed up anything, based on any kind of policy and consideration other than what is best for public health and a real sense of mission for patients." Said Dr. Gottlieb.

Meanwhile, Mr. Meadow avoided questions about Mr. Trump's allegations of political bias, saying the president was merely maintaining pressure on career bureaucrats to make treatment breakthroughs.

"He had to make sure they could feel the heat," said Mr. Meadows on ABC's This Week. "If you don't see the light, you must feel the heat because the American people are suffering."

On Fox News Sunday, Mr. Meadows quoted Mr. Trump's upcoming announcement.

It "should have been done a few weeks ago," said Mr. Meadows. "It was a fumble from a number of people in the federal government." Mr. Meadows said Mr. Trump was not trying to "cut corners" but "was really frustrated with some of the bureaucrats who believe they can just do this the way they normally do".


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