From Handshakes to Fist Bumps: The Way forward for the Enterprise Greeting

From Handshakes to Fist Bumps: The Future of the Business Greeting

Ms. Meier has instructed her clients to try alternatives, which she describes as “reaching out and greeting” (hands folded at chest level, combined with a polite nod) and “stopping, dropping and nodding” (hands behind the lower back). with a nod).

We could also look to a higher level of consciousness.

Elaine Swann, the founder of the Swann School of Protocol, a manners consultancy with offices across the country, recently noted at a networking event for entrepreneurs in Carlsbad, California that many attendees who wore masks followed socially distant protocols with a name. "The lack of a handshake can feel quite aloof when interacting," Ms. Swann said. "The hand-in-front-of-the-heart gesture can convey connection and warmth to the other person."

Or we could focus on sports. The bump allegedly made by a high-energy N.B.A. The 1970s swing man named Fred Carter has already become a common greeting in industries that are young and cool: tech, entertainment, and, yes, sports, Ms. Swann said. The gesture can prove to be a useful half step back to the relative intimacy of the handshake, as it offers a touch of touch (and implicit trust) with no actual finger-to-finger contact that could spread pathogens to the face.

It is an open question whether these alternatives serve as a temporary stopgap solution to pandemics like masks and giant bottles of hand sanitizer, or as an integral part of the corporate landscape.

Much of it depends on whether professionals who return to the office – assuming they return – find still modern use in that centuries-old greeting or take on the casualness of remote working and see the handshake as another 9-to-5 anachronism , like the embossed business card.

At a glance, the old-school Don Draper Bone Breaker seemed already a little OK boomer in increasingly millennial circles – sexist even on some arguments.


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