Los Angeles County finds fewer circumstances amongst well being care employees as extra get vaccinated.

Los Angeles County finds fewer cases among health care workers as more get vaccinated.

What was once a deluge of health workers who caught the coronavirus in Los Angeles County has now slowed to a trickle, in large part because the vast majority of them were vaccinated, local health officials said. Reports of new virus cases among health workers in the county have fallen 94 percent since late November, just before vaccination began.

The statistics are encouraging both in Los Angeles County and across the country. Something Healthcare workers initially expressed reluctance to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, often out of fear of the safety of the vaccines that were put into service under emergency approvals from the Food and Drug Administration.

Of particular concern were nursing home and long-term care workers who were hotspots during the pandemic: at one point, these workers accounted for a quarter of all health care workers in Los Angeles County.

By the end of February, according to the district, 69 percent of the health care workers were in these facilities – including 78 percent Nursing homes and long-term care workers – had received at least one vaccine.

The results were strong: In the week of November 29, 434 new virus cases were reported among nursing staff in the district, and according to the district, there were 10 cases in the week of February 14.

The same thing has happened to the county’s health care workers in general: In the week of February 14, new cases fell from more than 1,800 cases in the week of November 29 to 69, the county said.

"High vaccination rates correlate with the lowest cases and deaths among healthcare workers in nursing homes," the county health department wrote in a statement on Monday, "and we are grateful to everyone who was vaccinated and the teams that coordinated vaccinations at each location. "

The entire district made great strides in the same period, with new cases falling by 71 percent overall. Even so, the risk of getting the virus there remains high.

A recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that Los Angeles County is ahead of most of the country when it comes to immunizing healthcare workers. The nationwide survey, conducted between Feb.15 and Feb.23, found that 54 percent of healthcare workers had received at least one dose of vaccine by then, and 10 percent more said they plan to get one as soon as possible Get shot. About 15 percent said they "definitely won't" get the vaccine.


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