Right here Is When the C.D.C. Says You Ought to Put on Masks Open air.

Here Is When the C.D.C. Says You Should Wear Masks Outdoors.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new guidelines on wearing masks on Tuesday said masks can be taken off for some relatively safe outdoor activities, especially for those who are fully vaccinated, as the virus does not spread easily outdoors.

However, there are many circumstances in which the new guidance still provides for the wearing of masks outdoors, especially by those who have not been vaccinated.

Here are some examples from the new guidelines of the C.D.C .:

  • Walking, running, hiking, or biking outdoors, alone or with members of the same household.

  • Attend a small outdoor gathering with fully vaccinated family members and friends.

Unvaccinated people should continue to wear masks and keep social distance for these types of activities. says.

  • Attending a crowded outdoor event such as a parade, sporting event, or live performance.

  • Do almost anything indoors that involves contact with people outside of your household. Examples are eating indoors in a restaurant; go to the cinema, an indoor concert or a theatrical performance; Attend church services at full capacity; Travel with an airline or local transport; sing in the choir inside; Participation in an indoor exercise course; Visit to a mall or museum; getting a haircut or manicure; or attend an indoor social gathering.

Although most of these activities are much safer for fully vaccinated people than for those who are not vaccinated, the C.D.C. The instructions state that everyone should still wear a mask to protect themselves and others. The guidelines say people are unlikely to know the vaccination status of those around them, and it is not yet clear whether fully vaccinated people can still spread the virus without getting sick themselves. Unvaccinated people should also keep social distance, according to the instructions.


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