There’s No ‘One Dimension Matches All’ Remedy for Bronchial asthma

There’s No ‘One Size Fits All’ Treatment for Asthma

For example, Dr. Wechsler: "Even what is used for cleaning can be irritating to a person with asthma."

In some people with asthma, a viral infection such as the flu or the common cold, or the use of drugs such as aspirin, nsaid, or beta blockers can increase inflammation in the airways and cause shortness of breath. Still others suffer from narrowed airways when exercising, especially in cold weather.

Even strong emotions such as fear, anger, excitement or laughter, and sudden weather changes are a problem for some people with asthma.

Although some people I know with asthma feared they could be particularly susceptible to Covid-19 and become seriously ill, the evidence hasn't shown an increased risk of contracting the coronavirus or developing a worse infection, said Dr . Changer. In fact, he added, "Treating asthma can even protect against Covid."

The researchers now recognize that the triggering event of an asthma attack can have different manifestations in the airways and therefore respond better to different treatments. As Dr. Cloutier explained that inflammatory cells called eosinophils accumulate in the airways in allergic asthma. However, when a viral infection triggers the inflammation, cells called neutrophils are released, which warrants different treatment.

The new guidelines highlight the value of a measurement called FENO, which stands for fractionated exhaled nitric oxide, a biomarker that has been described as useful in correctly diagnosing and appropriately treating asthma in various patients. In children 5 years and older, nitric oxide testing can help confirm a diagnosis of asthma and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

Although the guidelines do not provide hard and fast rules, they provide valuable suggestions for treatment when currently used medicines do not provide the best possible relief. For example, the panel clearly stated that wrapping mattresses and pillows in anti-allergy covers is in itself not an adequate remedy for someone who is allergic to house dust mites.


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