To Construct Emotional Power, Develop Your Mind

To Build Emotional Strength, Expand Your Brain

There are also educational opportunities for non-traditional students at some top universities through academic or year-round programs for executives and other professionals. Students can audit classes, attend lectures, and work on projects with graduate and undergraduate students.

These include the Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute, Harvard's Advanced Leadership Initiative, the University of Notre Dame's Inspired Leadership Initiative, the University of Minnesota Advanced Careers Initiative, and the University of Texas at Austin, which offers the Tower Fellows Program.

Three years ago, 60-year-old Glenn Lowenstein was ready for a new challenge. The Houston resident had sold Lionstone Investments, the real estate investment company he founded in 2001, to Ameriprise. "It was a tough decision," he said. “The business was my dream and then I lived the reality for 20 years and suddenly there was a void. It was scary. If nothing is in front of you, resilience has to come into play here. "

His solution was to return to campus. Two years ago he was a Towers companion. "You have to be out there in an environment that you haven't been in before," he said. "It's a combination of trusting yourself, the joy of exploring, and going in the direction of your fear."

As a scholarship holder, for example, Mr. Lowenstein enrolled in a seminar on advanced philosophy. "It was way over my head," he said. “I would do my best to follow every single word of the conversation. I was fascinated by the way the PhD students articulated their arguments. It was super esoteric stuff, but I went out and said, "Wow, I'm learning a new way to communicate here."

The best part, however, was his time on campus: "It was so cool to be in an environment where I wasn't the expert," he said. “I wasn't the person to rely on to know everything, so I could sit back and enjoy the learning process and that is positive energy. My goal is to keep my mind, body, and spirit healthy hold. I don't think you can do this without learning. "

There are myriad avenues to study for those who cannot afford the time or money it takes to enroll in a high-level scholarship or university program. Free or low-cost online courses are available through sites like Coursera, EdX, The Great Courses, LinkedIn Learning, MasterClass, Skillshare, TED Talks, and Udemy.


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