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Does Meditation Reverse Aging? | Sura Flow

Does Meditation Reverse Aging? That's a good question! The short answer is – yes. You can reverse aging through meditation. I've seen it myself and I've seen it happen in others who practice meditation.

An even better question could be: How do I age gracefully or deliberately? This question includes the idea of ​​your point of view and perspective on aging and how important it is.

I think this question best gets to the heart of the matter. Let's all admit this truth in the first place: It is difficult to age! As we get older, we notice changes in our bodies. But how do we react? Do we deny our aging and hold on to our youth? Or do we consciously think about aging and how do we feel about it?

Ask yourself realistically:

  • How do you feel when you notice these changes in your body?
  • How do you relate to these changes as you feel older?

Be aware of how to deal with the aging process:

  • Do you think it's natural and inevitable?
  • What makes you feel and think

One answer I hear a lot is that it makes you feel anxious. The reality is that many people are scared of aging. Be aware of how motivated your fear of aging is. For example, do you do everything you can to stay young? How much energy do you put into maintenance to look young?

I want to reflect on this discussion in this way. Aging is an experience that helps us increase our self-confidence. It gives us the opportunity to find more balance and wholeness within ourselves. We learn to adjust better to what we feel as we get older. Reflection helps us become conscious and gracefully age.

Avoid aging

On the other side of this discussion, how do we accelerate aging? Of course, these are things that you want to avoid as much as possible in order to look and feel younger.


Worries often target the uncertainty of the future and focus on what may or may not be.

Poor diet

We eat badly and it affects our bodies in physical, mental, and emotional ways. Feed your body the things that will make it healthier and make you feel satisfied.


We experience stress for many reasons, but in general, generalized anxiety can consume people. When people are asked what age they are the most, that answer is usually the first reason people give.

Beat yourself up

It is important to learn to be gracious and to forgive yourself. You cannot live in shame and guilt if you consciously forgive. Research has found that those who love themselves are better at reaching out to others with compassion.


Things like exercise, sleep, and alcohol and drug use play important roles in your overall lifestyle. Many people are surprised at how beneficial relationships and family are to a person's long-term health.

How do meditation, relaxation and energy healing help us slow down or reverse the aging process?

Is it possible to reverse the aging process? Yes I think so. When I started meditating, I felt younger. My body began releasing toxins and energies that had stressed me out in a high paying, stressful corporate job that was consuming me and affecting my health.

As we get older, we become rigid, fixed in our own way, and bound by our routines. We feel good and are more afraid to try new things. Meditation and mindfulness help us to open ourselves to energy and all areas of our life.

I was working in a high pressure situation in the corporate world and the stress made me grow old. Yoga and meditation have helped me stay younger. People even commented on how I look younger. How you feel every day affects your energy.

Don't resist the aging process as it creates worries and fears. It is true there is a sense of loss through aging. People say, "I can't do what I used to do anymore." It is important to bring about a paradigm shift in how we treat aging. Consider the following six key areas as guiding principles to help you look and feel younger and slow down the aging process.

6 key areas that will make you feel younger and slow the aging process down

1. Deal with your thoughts and your way of thinking

The average person has between 60,000 and 90,000 thoughts a day. That's a lot of thoughts! Many people are surprised how many of them are harsh, judgmental, and negative.

Enter meditation. Meditation helps you become aware of how you are thinking. Meditation can create a sense of stillness and help change the nature of your thoughts.

On the contrary, negative, stressful, and anxious thoughts make you age faster. Consider a quick exercise:

  • Think about something negative that happened to you. How does your body react to these negative thoughts?
  • Now think about something that makes you happy and joyful now. Take a moment to feel how your body reacts to your positive thoughts.

Most people agree that negative thoughts are pervasive and difficult. Imagine having negative thoughts repeatedly every day. Negative energy weighs us down and eventually turns us off. Negative thoughts are stressful and make you age faster. They eat up your health and vitality.

Find tools to help you take control of your thoughts. I find that deep breaths create negative thinking. We only have a certain number of breaths in our life. Make everyone count.

For more information on controlling your thoughts, see another blog article, How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts, specifically on this topic.

2. Give yourself space to rest, relax, and downtime

Overwork and exaggeration age us and challenge our minds and bodies. However, our culture seems to constantly struggle against exaggeration. We always work without rest or sleep. You need rest and downtime to escape the stress, calm down, and return to homeostasis.

Note if you get stuck in stress mode. It feels like we're turned on, on guard and always "go, go, go" – you are in combat or flight mode. We have to produce in our jobs and we are pushing to get bigger, faster, stronger and more efficient. This is a lot of stress! We cannot continue at this pace without falling and burning. We have to relax and unwind. Let go. Release tension. You don't need cortisol to fight or run away. Start with breathing exercises. You can clear out toxins through your lungs and breath, which will allow you to return to your center.

I teach meditation classes and coaching where we start the relaxation response. I tell people to rest and digest. From Survival Mode to Relaxation Response, learning to rest and digest will help you regulate yourself. Many people ask about meditation and when is the best time to slow down and meditate.

For more information, see this article: When is the Best Time to Meditate?


3. Take care of your body to keep it active every day

You will learn to notice when your body is injured or stressed compared to when your body is in a groove. Your brain responds to breath. Move the energy in your body to regulate and stimulate it – force flows through your body like a highway system – through the meridians and channels in your body.

As we get older, we become dehydrated, so moving energy through your body becomes very important. I teach self-energy healing and self-massage. For example, rub your hands together to feel the energy generated. Or bring your hands to your heart and feel the electricity, energy and flow. The stimulation keeps us young. Massaging, touching, and moving are important to keep your body from becoming stagnant and dehydrated.

In my forties, these self-exercises are essential to staying young, healthy, youthful, and creative.

Movement releases energy and tension. Energy opens and flows through us. Energy, electricity and flow keep us strong. Otherwise we will stagnate.

Techniques such as dry brushing, tapping and EFT open meridians and send positive energy back into us and the world. This energy helps you feel good about yourself and keep you connected.

4. Be aware of how you are handling and processing your harsh emotions

The pandemic means people go through loneliness, instability, personal loss, financial loss, anxiety, and depression. Emotions are everywhere. Ask yourself: Do I process and express emotions, or do I suppress them and turn them off?

The goal is emotional awareness. Do you feel confident in letting go and expressing your feelings? Do you feel safe to admit that you even have them?

Do you think some emotions are bad? If you do, you will tend to turn them off and deny your emotions.

Face what is real. Meditation helps us with this. Meditation helps us be honest with what we are feeling so that it doesn't get trapped there. Chinese medicine shows us that emotions are associated with our body and negative emotions in particular can be caught. Feel your feelings fully. Let it move and flow through you.

Help others by empathizing with them and knowing that they often go through difficulties just as you might be.

5. Examine your lifestyle and how you live and spend your time

Create your lifestyle from a place of love and joy. Align with your goal.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you ready to give yourself peace by bringing your life together with your calling?
  • Are you ready to create a lifestyle that will help you feel balanced and comfortable?
  • Do you love yourself enough to give yourself so much space?
  • What is your job Do you work or don't you work Does your job match your passions and callings, or are you just working one job?
  • Are you making tough decisions and saying no to some good things that are not consistent with your family's values, purpose, and calling?

6. Maintain positive focus, intention, and purpose

I like to ask my clients these questions when I work as a meditation coach. Do you live your purpose with something you love? Do you feel joy Do you feel passionate and enjoy it?

Meditation can give us access to infinite, unlimited energy. If we take time to rest in our center, we need less sleep and we do not make up for deficits.

They are fed on another level – an unlimited energy system that we must all use; a more subtle energy that helps us thrive. Universal energy feels like bliss. During meditation, allow yourself to access it and indulge in the positive chi that flows through all things.

Reverse aging with meditation

How does meditation reverse aging ?: Frequently Asked Questions

Can meditation make you feel / look younger?

Yes, meditation can make you feel and look younger! Meditation puts you in touch with your emotions, life stressors, and the things that are holding you back from living your best life. When you meditate, you release blockages and allow more chi to flow through your body. You release negative emotions and make you feel better. When you look better people will wonder if it is you Reversing aging through meditation.

How can I slow down aging?

The following things can help you Age graceful and even reverse aging how to feel younger and more powerful. We recommend:

  • Deal with your thoughts and your way of thinking
  • Give yourself space to rest, relax and take time off
  • Take care of your body to keep it active every day
  • Know how to handle and process your harsh emotions
  • Examine your lifestyle and how you live and spend your time
  • Maintain positive focus, intention, and purpose

To practice this type of Anti aging meditation and help carry out this antiaging process, watch and participate in the video presentation on the subject guided meditation at the end of the video. Thank you for reading. May we all age gracefully with ease.


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