El chamán de Instagram – The New York Instances

El chamán de Instagram - The New York Times

Just a decade ago, said Verrett's friend, Princess Marta Luisa, the reaction to her co-founding a spirituality center in Norway – where she is the fourth on the throne – was like, "Oh my god, she's crazy." "Said. But it's a lot more open now. And I think a lot of that has to do with yoga, to be honest."

Today luxury hotels have shamanic masseurs. You can find shamanic playlists on Spotify. There are financial shamans who advise on business, there are fashion shamans who remove bad energy from your wardrobe, there are even shamanic stylists.

"Shamans are like surgeons, there are different types, and they all have their specialties," said Colleen McCann, a former fashion stylist-turned-shaman who runs a Los Angeles spa. (The shamanic hairdresser in her studio, she says, performs a “ritual brushing exercise” and a singing bowl ritual when putting on the hair mask. “She always says, 'Your hair has memory,'” she said. McCann)

However, there are many misconceptions about shamanism, Mokelke said, from the idea that practitioners eschew traditional medicine (shamanism is only part of a "holistic approach to healing," he said) to the idea that it does " All rainbows and something. "

If you practice seriously, said Mokelke, shamanism is a strict discipline that involves years of learning. There is no official licensing or certification process to become a shaman, partly because shamanic powers have been passed down through lineage, he said; It is not a substitute for medical treatment, although it could be an additive.

"When we train people, let's say, look if someone is seriously ill, see a doctor or a therapist, but don't neglect the spiritual aspect of the disease," said Mokelke. "Shamanism focuses on the spiritual."

Still, there is an element of fate, suggests Verrett.

"You won't become a shaman because you went to Peru, bought a poncho, sang some sacred songs and learned how to do an enormous amount of ayahuasca," he writes in his book. "You become a shaman because the spirits choose you as a shaman."


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