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Nature meditation

By Shankar Ramani, editor and instructor of Sahaja Online

Thanks to the weather, I was able to venture outside to do part of my meditation. In doing so, I came across the sheer power of a meditation technique that we have always recommended. However, it took some concerted effort and effort to realize how effective it can be.

It freed my attention and I felt full of energy, light and agile all day. In addition, it seems to clog my spiritual energy system at the deepest level.

This method also works directly on the foundation of our spiritual system and on the chakra that forms the basis of our spiritual growth.

Not all types of outdoor meditation are created equal. So let's examine the specifics of the most effective form of outdoor meditation.

The use of the earth element

With this method you sit directly on the floor. Our chakras consist of the five elements of nature – earth, water, air, fire and ether. We use these elements to clear and balance our chakras. In this case in particular, the earth element helps to absorb all of our imbalances at the deepest levels of our spiritual energy system.

Focus on the 1st chakra

In its name the Mooladhara chakra bears the words "Mool" and "Adhara". "Mool" means "root" in the Sanskrit language and "Adhara" means "support". The first chakra is clearly the supportive platform on which spiritual meditation is based. It is the root of our development and our progress.

During this method, we will specifically focus on awakening the essence and power of this chakra. The primary qualities and powers associated with this chakra include innocence and wisdom. And the fact that the power of the Mooladhara chakra is strongly connected to the earth element makes this technique doubly powerful.

The awakening of the essence of a chakra can take place through simple affirmations addressed to both mother earth and our Kundalini energy. If you regularly attend our online sessions, you must be familiar with the use of these confirmations.

Meditate longer and until you feel a real difference

This method also includes very relaxed meditation without time restrictions. The longer you are in contact with the earth, the better the results will be. Our lives have become very hectic, but it is definitely beneficial to take some time out to get in touch with nature. While we waste our time doing so many indoor activities, a fraction of the time we spend outdoors on this meditation can lead to oversized and dramatic results.

A look at the sky and the green can also clear your Agnya chakra.

An added benefit during this meditation is the ability to clear our Agnya chakra by looking at the vast sky above and the greenery around you. And it is no coincidence that the Mooladhara and Agnya chakras are connected to each other via the left energy channel that starts from the Mooladhara and ends at the Agnya chakra. The two chakras have a deeper connection on a spiritual level and this method works for both. For example, when our Mooladhara chakra is out of balance, our attention and thoughts have no clarity or even purity.

How beneficial this method is

It clears and clogs your spiritual system in a big way. This also affects our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The joy in our life returns and complications disappear.

Our attention stabilizes and thoughtless awareness is much better during meditation.

You begin to love your meditation and feel the need to meditate longer. This is a significant achievement, especially for those who tend to become restless after about 10 or 15 minutes after meditation.

Some deeply ingrained problems in your life are starting to go away.

The barriers to progress are removed – you will find yourself revisiting all of the postponed projects and tasks that you tried to complete. Productivity is making a comeback.

You will feel energetic, motivated, and enthusiastic – the lethargy will be removed from your life.

The tendency to react to negative provocations, negative things and bad habits decreases significantly. This in itself is one of the most powerful benefits. It improves the ability to overcome our temptations, shortcomings, and bad habits. The difference can be huge. When we are faced with such events or things that trigger or play with our weaknesses, we tend to react and give in to them. But with the regular (i.e. at least daily) use of this method, our need to react to or give in to our weaknesses decreases. In fact, you'll feel strong enough to resist, and often won't even have to. You will feel free from the clutches of temptation and the negative things that seduce you.

While this technique is painfully simple, consistency is key and the harder part. As long as you are determined to keep this up and continuously improve your life, this method is a great tool for your meditation routine.

The last few weeks of this summer, which has been a very difficult year for everyone in this world, could introduce the much needed stability, calm and joy with this powerful yet simple method.



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