How you can Have Extra Power

how to have more energy - healing meditation

Lately, I’ve heard a lot of people say that they are tired or feeling down. They are looking for ways to have more energy in their busy lives. Today I want to share a unique way to have more energy and to feel more aligned, centered, grounded and whole.

How do you get more energy?

Examine your unconscious and unconscious self.

Why am i saying this? How will this help you have more energy?

The reason for this is that our energy system runs predominantly through our unconscious and subconscious.

Our consciousness also influences the flow of energy through the body. When you have a negative focus, negative energy is sent through your body system causing stress, tension, and illness. This is why it is so important to learn how to observe and meditate on your thoughts.

Meditation helps us to become aware of our thought processes. However, our thought processes also come from our unconscious and subconscious – whether you acknowledge it or not. To learn more about meditation techniques that affect energy, read our article “Energy Meditation Techniques”

The energy exchange

Take a moment to answer these two important questions:

  • What do you give your energy to?
  • How do you exchange energy?

I ask this because in our lives we sometimes make agreements with others – professionally or privately – and reveal a little bit about ourselves. The part of us that we give away is part of our truth, strength, and energy in exchange for being in a relationship with that other person.

We can deny some of our truths to avoid conflict, keep an agreement, or repress our feelings. For example, recently I was confronted with a company that kept charging me excessively high fees for services. When I said something to them, they reacted, interrupted me and said, “We can no longer work with you!”

The question is: Am I silent to maintain an arrangement with someone else? Or do I tell or express the truth and remain in my power?

In other words, are you giving some of your energy to unhealthy relationships? Or do you suffer from it because you are compromising your real self?

How often do we do this in our intimate relationships and give up our authentic selves to stay in this exchange?

When we are honest with ourselves, we will find that we do this more often than we’d like to admit. Sometimes we give power to friends and loved ones. At other times we give up our power because we don’t want to face conflict or chaos.

Limiting Beliefs

We were just talking about how we limit our energy in relationships with others. Now let’s think about how you run your own energy. Do you have limiting beliefs that hinder or control your energy?

If you experience shame, guilt, or the feeling that I have to be something that I am not, you likely have an unconscious block, trauma, or stressor that is preventing you from expressing your authentic self.

Sometimes we will find that we need to break free of codependent situations and learn to give ourselves resources and let the energy flow through us. Find unlimited resources that exist within yourself and the true realm of possibility instead of trying to rely on others for it.

Scarcity and fatigue

Sometimes when we operate from a place of limitation and scarcity it will also limit the amount of energy we feel.

I mention this because so many people today say they feel low in energy, tiredness, or exhaustion. They feel the collective stress of everything that is going on in the world around them. Whether it’s social unrest, political unrest or a pandemic crisis, the collective feeling of fear can drain our energy.


Instead of just focusing on the problems, I want to encourage you to come up with a solution. There is a great opportunity to grow, develop and strengthen our energy system through meditation. To learn more about how meditation promotes healing, see our article “Does Meditation Reverse Aging?”

It is possible to remain grounded and supplied with its own energy. If you choose your authentic self to live with no excuse or expectation, you will find that you are naturally more energetic. Take the time to examine your deeper beliefs and continuous thoughts and notice how you perceive life. Be with your emotions, follow your dreams and aspirations, and be honest with yourself.

All of this affects the way we let our energy flow.

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