Jewel Desires You to Be Current

Jewel Wants You to Be Present

She was offered a $ 1 million signing bonus. from almost every major label, she said, an "exceptional" deal at the time. She turned it down because she feared she would be dropped from the label if she didn't sell enough records. "That saved my career for many years because it failed for many years," she said of "Pieces of You".

Jewel's mother, Lenedra Carroll, became her manager. In a 2015 book, she wrote that the arrangement put her in a worse position. "I've been nearly broke three times in my career, which I never knew," said Jewel. "And it was all gone and I was in debt." She said she has not seen her mother since 2002.

In May 1995, Jewel opened a set for Bob Dylan in San Diego. She made a second album that was never released. While she was in the studio, Dylan's team tried hard to open up Jewel for him on tour. At that time Jewel was anything but famous, although “Who Will Save Your Soul” got a moderate MTV rotation and a moderate radio play. But she would come to him in April 1996 and later find out that her yodelling caught his attention, even though he didn't think he'd noticed her in San Diego.

"He looked after me, he went through my texts with me, gave books to read and music to listen to, and it came at just the right time when nobody believed in me," she said. After touring with Dylan, Neil Young also took Jewel under his wing. Almost two years later, “Pieces of You” gained momentum.

"Both of them just bored my head that if you're an artist you better soak it up. You don't have to worry about radio, you don't have to worry about anything, but what you believe is in your heart and you better fight for it and it really just invigorated me, ”said Jewel.

In the past few years, a video clip of her and Jessica Simpson sang “Who Will Save Your Soul?” Has gone viral, with some delight in her various voices. "I'll let people give their own opinion on it," Jewel said. “She was a fan and really liked this song and asked me to sing it with her. The song is a journey. It's interesting to see how the lyrics fit in today. "


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