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family relationships

With Sahaja meditation you can use the healing power of your inner energy to increase your mental and physical resilience and to improve the personal qualities that promote deeper bonds with loved ones. You will be better equipped to face any challenges that come your way. We all make relationship mistakes from time to time, but meditation helps you focus on the present instead of thinking about past mistakes you may have made or worrying about what the future holds for your family.

Meditation increases your awareness of how you interact with family members and how your actions affect them. You'll be more attuned to your loved ones than simply racing through the days on the autopilot. Couples become better able to meet their partner's emotional needs. And parents, whether they are raising teenagers, tweens, or teenagers, are better able to meet their children's emotional needs and create a motivational framework that will last a lifetime.

Here are some hands-on family relationship cultivation experiences from Sahaja practitioners who are also instructors for our online meditation sessions.

According to Mar’yana

  • Real relationships are what really matter
  • Meditation helps you stay true to yourself and be aware of yourself
  • Meditation helps develop our own perspective on what is important in life and not what others are saying. This helps in building relationships
  • In families, meditation allows each member to be themselves and let others be who they are; This freedom at both ends leads to healthier family relationships

According to Melanie

  • Not so long ago we respected the knowledge of parents passed down to us from previous generations. but we have gradually become more and more incoherent
  • Instead of relying on parenting books and using meditation, we can use the intuitive knowledge within us – the same one that was previously followed by our previous generations, and this has proven to be more beneficial
  • Meditation adds multiple dimensions to parenting relationships – creating the necessary authority and hierarchy, but also helping to understand more deeply what is required for relationships to work

In this video Melanie explains how:

  • Meditation helps to stay in the present and juggle between different roles and activities
  • Meditation enables full involvement in the present moment, allowing every situation and activity to be enjoyed
  • It gives trust and makes multiple things easy to do

Sahaja is a holistic form of life and self improvement meditation that offers broader and deeper benefits that you can usually find. All you need to experience them is follow a consistent schedule at home and in our online group meditation sessions. Our instructors can help you with this.


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