My dialog with Shanna Lee, creator of The Soul Frequency, about methods to reside a high-frequency life!

My conversation with Shanna Lee, author of The Soul Frequency, about how to live a high-frequency life!

Shanna's intention to help others and what holds women back the most.

She is a gifted intuitive healer. You can feel Shanna's energy and call to help others as she describes how she helps women release their blocks to success.

Shanna fascinates from the start with her description of how she visualizes others. It picks up on the energetic connections of others – threadlike lines that connect what is going on in our life today and things that happened earlier in our childhood or ancestry before our life. She explains how these are part of us: "They are deeply rooted in previous life experiences or are inherited through our DNA line and incorporated into our programming."

How does Shanna help others get rid of the blockages that are holding them back personally and in their business? It often starts with simple questions: What is holding us back? What are the negative or harmful patterns that are holding you back?

Shanna's goal is to discover the things that are not beneficial to our highest selves.

She does this by helping others see what she calls their reality movie screen, how they visualize the world around them, and helping them realize that they have the ability to change it. It can be realized through meditation or even attuning to the wonder of another living being. She wants others to be encouraged that subtle changes can make big changes in life.

Shanna describes how easily things rise to the surface that need to be separated. Your questions are just beginning this process. Shanna notes, “Your soul guides the journey. I help them see the road. Once you become aware of the line that needs attention, it begins to dissolve. "

When I asked Shanna, "What do women struggle with most?" Your answers were instructive. Shanna found two main issues when working with women: 1.) not being able to express anger or other deep feelings, and 2.) the self-limitation of not wanting to replace someone in her life out of fear, love or losing that person's being thrown out of the community. In my interview with Shanna, learn more about these struggles and how to overcome them!

Shanna helps others touch their deeper feelings and bring liberation. Shanna explains, “Feelings are the spark beneath our thoughts or ideas. We need to feel our anger because it prevents us from experiencing other emotions like joy. Constricting emotions dampen this. Feel it – don't save it for the next week or month. All emotions are just energy and just need to move. "

The greatest discovery most people have made after this release is empowering and catalyzing them. Shanna explained, “When we remove things like shame and guilt, it shows that our purpose is there – it is who you are. Get rid of the things that are lowering our frequency – which are holding us back from finding the higher realizations – and we will see that our natural state of being is energy and creativity. "

Have fun with the interview below! You will be enthusiastic. We'd love to hear your questions and comments below for Shanna.

Shanna's goal is to empower and educate more people. Visit:

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