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May 5th marks the end of 50 successful years for Sahaja. That's right, while many mystical and mythical forms of yoga and meditation have come and gone, we have stayed rock hard teaching spirituality and meditation to thousands in more than 120 countries around the world.

And our philosophy, teaching, mission and intent have not changed a bit. It's about introducing the highest form of spiritual meditation anyone can ever aspire to, and in doing so, transforming people's lives. Inspired by our founder Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who is from India, thousands of practitioners have devoted their lives to making Sahaja a lifestyle and making the world a better place by giving this gift to as many people as possible.

But what does all of this mean for you as a practitioner?

You are in safe hands.

Sahaja is a global phenomenon and practice. It has stood the test of time. We have seen fads and imaginative solutions for yoga, spirituality, and meditation come and go. We have seen the world make massive technological advances and unite globally. From baby boomers to the millennial generation, we have massive cultural changes. But our practice remains unchanged, as do our values ​​and our teachings. And for what it offers, we are convinced that it will take centuries.

In the five decades of our growth we have seen people from all walks of life and regions campaigning for the highly customizable and personal benefits that it brings to each individual. The power to transform yourself has always been the ultimate and most tangible benefit that impresses any new person who chooses to give it a try.

You are committed to providing a powerful solution to all of your problems

You don't have to look any further for a solution to any of your problems. Of course, the benefits are available to you when you are ready to do the job. We have scientific research that backs up each of our benefits and is further corroborated by the anecdotal experiences of our practitioners. And Sahaja works on your physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual level. It is the most complete solution for holistic healing and self improvement.

You have access to a large community of professionals

You are in the company of experts and practitioners who have been there and done that. There is a lot to learn and discover. Some of our instructors have over 40 years of experience in Sahaja in the total of 50 years that it has existed. Don't miss the chance to learn from them. Our educators and practitioners come from all over the world – they are medical professionals, senior executives, college educators and researchers, musicians, and all kinds of professions. We also have the most culturally diverse practitioners, but we all consistently speak the same concepts. Our community interaction overcomes all borders of nations, backgrounds, professions and cultures.

You will have consistent benefits from Sahaja for a lifetime.

We are about being slow, steady and steady – we are not a bolt of lightning; no gimmicks; nothing to sell; We're here to run a marathon and get you to run one until you are positive about your life. Every step of the way, you can review each concept based on your experience. There is nothing to be based on belief and nothing is supposed.

You have complete control and power in your hands to transform.

The nice thing about the system is that you are fully empowered on the first day of your practice. We are here to share and give as much as possible. When you are ready to put the work in, the sky's the limit for progress you can make. You can take care of your health and well-being, your relationships, your finances, and your spiritual improvement.

Help you first

The best way you can help is to align yourself with your meditation practice and add to the growing collectivity of our group meditations. Each person added increases the quality of the experience for everyone. That is the power of group meditation.

Please give us feedback.

Do you like what we offer? Do you need changes? Do you have any suggestions on how we can do better? How is your experience so far? Are you ready to write a review that we can use as real practitioner experiences to share with others on our website? What more can we do to help you even more? Please write and answer us.

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