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Money saving for meditators

As people who meditate and pursue spirituality in our lives, it is also important to be wise with our money. However, "smart" is not just the traditional definition of wealth management here. What if the way we spend or save our money improves our spiritual life significantly?

We discuss such tactics, especially when finances are so important during this impending economic recession.

Have a home

For us, living is the greatest single expense. While we are not financial experts to discuss the rent versus purchase debate, we can tell you that owning a home, or at least a well-ordered life in a house, will bring stability to your life and your spiritual system. It improves your sense of care, relationships and the third chakra, the nabhi. If you can have a nice, cozy place that is full of positive vibes and is within your means, living longer there can help you grow spiritually. It doesn't matter whether you own or rent the place, although in general owning a home for the longer term rather than renting it may be a better financial decision.

Don't waste money on "peace of mind" insurance

With the exception of health insurance, the money you spend on insurance premiums is only allowed to protect you from large losses. As a spiritual person, you will have much more divine protection than anyone else and will not have to purchase "peace of mind" guarantees that add unnecessarily to the cost of insurance policies. They are a bad way of spending money. For example, there are extended warranties on everything we can buy today. When you are a spiritual person, you usually buy much less and you never worry about losing your material possessions. In fact, most see an opportunity to get rid of their stuff as a positive change rather than clinging to it. Spiritually inclined people are rarely tied to their belongings.

Don't eat outside often

Eating homemade meals has a huge impact on improving the quality of your subtle energy system i.e. H. Your chakras. Home cooked food has better vibrations and you will most likely have fewer problems eating home cooked food. And that doesn't even take into account the benefit that homemade food is healthier than restaurant food and it will save you a lot of money in the long run. The joy of cooking, especially for others, improves you mentally.

Avoid buying these fancy caffeine drinks too often

Too much caffeine upsets the balance of your energy system and makes problems with stress and anxiety worse. And if you pay for those fancy lattes at Starbucks, that's sure to be a double blow. A few of these can easily cost you more than all of your homemade meals in a single day.

Avoid alcohol

If you haven't already guessed it, alcohol is very damaging to your subtle energy system and is not recommended. Spending money on expensive wines is one of the worst things you can ever do while pursuing spirituality.

Don't pay for news subscriptions or cable television

For the most part, the message cycles are all negative and add to your stress levels and impair your alertness. It is not worth paying money to harm your attention that makes your meditation difficult. When it comes to cable television, it's better to have options to control your attention and time than to be tied to a schedule for viewing a program. Netflix-like streaming services can be good for you as long as you are able to choose thoughtful and emotionally enriching content, as well as positive, happy, and inspiring shows.

Don't pay money for meditation, stress relief, or relaxation

Good, natural meditation is and should be free. Don't pay by the nose to indulge in costly massages, spas, and meditation classes that promise stress relief or nirvana. All of these, without exception, are there to take your money. And they offer a small fraction of the benefits of a powerful meditation like Sahaja. Sure, you have to work for it, don't just expect yourself to do nothing for many benefits.

Avoid antiques

Avoid antiques as much as possible. These generally have negative vibrations from the past that are not good for your spiritual growth or meditation. If you waste your time and attention shopping for them and spending money on them, things will get worse.

Limit vacation and travel

As a meditator, you can enjoy the world through the comfort of your inner self. You don't need the joy of focusing on external things, but the pleasure that the depth of your inner self offers. While a vacation or two with family is great, too much travel is bad for the environment and wastes your money, especially the expensive kind.

Avoid stock market investments

In addition to the high risk of losing money, they harm your attention control if you have to constantly worry about your stocks going down in value. The attention damage is likely to be a greater loss than the financial loss when it hits, although people never see it that way.

Limit the use of smartphones and social media

While social media seems to increase collectivity and keep in touch, the vast majority of social media interactions are just small talk and not of the quality that enriches your attention. In addition, you need to be in control of your attention, keeping it steady and focused. If you constantly have to reply to or follow up on social media messages and chats, you're doing the opposite. So if you spend money on newer smartphones or social media websites or subscriptions every few years, these are all bad investments in several ways.

Things that are worth investing in

Natural things that increase vibrations

Everything that is made of natural materials usually has positive and stronger vibrations. Avoid or eliminate plastics from your life as much as possible. It's okay to spend a little more on alternatives that use natural materials, but don't overdo it.

Works of art

In general, artistic works, especially those made by hand, can create positive vibes. However, a certain degree of discretion and sensitivity to vibrations is required here. Not all works of art can have positive vibrations.

Money for collective meditation meetings

If you can replace your vacation with time that you instead spent on collective meditation gatherings, it can make your life a lot better. No, we're not talking about those exotic getaways at expensive yoga resorts. We are referring to the way in which you meditate with hundreds of others for a weekend in relatively simple, natural, and even rustic living conditions. Sahaja has many of those attended by practitioners from all over the world. These are people in the advanced stages of their sahaja practice, but you could easily be only a few weeks or months away on your journey before you can take part in any of these exercises.

Real estate and gold as investments

In general, these are the best from an investment perspective. They have been proven to be a store of wealth for centuries and ultimately keep up with inflation. Their intrinsic worth can never decline over long periods of time, and best of all, they rarely require the constant use of your attention.

Spending on self improvement

Spending money that improves your skills and knowledge is always a good idea as long as you don't overdo it.

Donations that can help change the world and people

When it comes to donations, it is always a challenge to decide how best to spend our money. The best option is to donate money to causes that help improve people's lives, not those that provide short-term relief. Our problems in this world are for one reason: human civilization is constantly creating excesses and upsetting the balance of nature. Aiding efforts that change human behavior is much better than the money spent fixing the effects of these mistakes.

Investments that put together

Experts describe compounding as the eighth wonder of the world and we completely agree. This is because most investments that use compounding, in addition to the financial power of compounding your money, devote much less attention to constantly monitoring or worrying about them. And after years they grow into massive sources of wealth. You don't have to keep moving your money in and out or worrying about where to put it next. This interesting article describes this.


As a spiritual person, the best strategy is to live a simple, minimalist life, but one that is of a rich quality that derives from artistic and natural things. In addition, the wealth that comes from enjoying relationships and peace with oneself is priceless. It helps to have a stable place to live that can be clean, cozy, vibrating, and hospitable. Those who are spiritually inclined can still indulge in carefully selected luxuries, but we need to manage and grow our money wisely. Overall, it is highly recommended that we live within our means so that we can freely focus on our true purpose and pursuit of life. Spending money for charity is possibly the greatest joy and achievement in life.


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