What’s a Meditation Coach, precisely?

what is a meditation coach

People often ask, "What is a meditation coach?"

It sounds like that! It's the combination of meditation and coaching. In this 16-minute YouTube video Below, I'll tell you in more detail about meditation coaching and how I accidentally started offering it while living in Los Angeles.

As a meditation coach, you teach people to meditate. You will get to know the people you will work with and design a specific meditation program that suits them and their lifestyle needs.

As a meditation trainer, you not only teach meditation, but also guide others in the realization of their true selves. This includes their true desires and intentions. In the coaching process, you enable your clients to realize their deepest intentions and to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Meditation coaching includes the integration of meditation, coaching and energy healing to serve others in their revelation and goal setting process. With this multidisciplinary approach, you enable your customers to have a higher level of awareness, insight and calm. They learn lifelong skills that will help them develop resilience and true strength.

In a typical meditation coaching session, you start with a few minutes of mindfulness. This allows you and the client to appear on the same page. Breath and body awareness enable you to become fully present, more relaxed and more harmonious with one another.

In a more relaxed and heightened state, coaching becomes a natural flow. It's less exhilarating and more connected. When you start meditating, your client becomes more embodied and connected to their truth and authentic self.

During the session, you will actively listen and ask questions. You can also combine meditation with coaching by asking coaching questions in a guided meditation session. We teach this skill in LIBERATE training.

If your customer is centered and present, he has access to additional resources in him. Asking powerful coaching questions during a meditation session can generate instant insights and knowledge for your client. It's also deeply healing and calming.

Meditation coaching is a spiritual practice. Not only do you focus on the results, but you practice presence and get the benefit of simply paying attention without commitment. Your client receives this and feels the benefit of listening and being receptive.

Just as you would observe your own breath during meditation, observe your own breath and physical sensations during meditation coaching. This keeps you informed during your entire time with your client and can help you to control the coaching process.

This unique coaching approach is designed to increase awareness of you and the people you work with. I hope this sheds more light on meditation coaching and how it helps people find calm, resilience, and true balance.

Lots of love, sure


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