11 Straightforward Suggestions & Steps For Each Pores and skin Sort


There is no shortage of ways to describe skin goals: lifted, shaped, hydrated, clear, radiant. One that has become quite popular lately is "moist," a word that inspires images of internally lit glow, supple skin, and a moisturized glow. It's skin that looks sprayed with morning mist, or you know, dew.

There are several ways to achieve moist skin: The right balance of moisture, exfoliation, nutrients and tenderness is required. (Or, as any makeup artist will tell you, you can also mimic the look with the right products and tricks – which we all do to fake a natural glow when your skin just doesn't have a day like that.) And ultimately your skincare path is seeing different from someone with a different skin type.

But here we've rounded up the best moist skin tips. Just find the right combination for you.


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