5 Clear Magnificence Tendencies Of 2021, From Entire Meals Market

5 Clean Beauty Trends Of 2021, From Whole Foods Market

Waterless formulas continue to take the industry by storm, with new innovations in skin care, hair care, and even oral care. And we welcome these innovations thanks to their sustainability-oriented values: waterless formulas usually require less packaging and obviously do not use water as a resource. They also usually last longer on the shelf, which means fewer buybacks.

Just because you have an anhydrous formula doesn't mean your skin and hair are not being effectively hydrated. No, the waterless skin care regimen contains buttery, rich ingredients that melt into your skin. As for hair? Work shampoo and conditioner bars into your damp palms and they'll emulsify like a dream.

Whole Foods buys: Transform your shower with HiBAR's moisturizing shampoo & conditioner or Nude & Crude & # 39; s shower powder and try Hello's Antiplaque + Whitening toothpaste tablets to update your oral care routine.


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