5 Decluttering Ideas From Marie Kondo’s Fundamentals Of Tidying

5 Decluttering Tips From Marie Kondo's Fundamentals Of Tidying

When Marie Kondo published the book that would make her the disappointing celebrity of our time in 2014, there was a lot more collective joy to be sparked. These days, amid a global pandemic and lockdown orders around the world, getting lucky at home can be harder. All the more reason to tune in to Kondo's Fundamentals of Tidying.

In this 10 episode series about her signature method, Kondo reminds viewers how to dissolve and organize clothes, books, papers, various items, and more. It is aimed at audiences who are not yet familiar with the KonMari way of working, but people who have read their books and seen their shows will also pick up new ideas.

I found the series to be a calming, borderline nostalgic reminder of the satisfaction that comes with doing a good home tidying up. At a time when so much is feeling out of control, even if it's just a cutlery drawer and bedside table, you can remember the things we have the agency about.

Here are some of Kondo's tips I would like to implement in my home:


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