5 DIY Foot Scrubs For Clean Soles & How To Use Them Proper

5 DIY Foot Scrubs For Smooth Soles & How To Use Them Right

Did you know that calluses, unwanted as they may be, actually form to keep you safe? The skin on your feet is pretty tough as it encounters a lot of friction every day (from running, shoes that are too tight, and the like). As a result, areas of greatest trauma naturally thicken to protect your skin from those bumps and bumps. Neat, no?

The problem arises when you don't take care of these calluses on a regular basis: if left untreated, rough spots continue to form, which can lead to skin cracks. When they are open to the environment, bacteria can easily sneak in.

So, unless you have thought twice about exfoliating your feet, consider this your token to show some love to your soles. Below are five foot scrubs that smooth those calluses baby-softly.


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