5 Wellbeing Practices To Combine Into Your Fall Routine

5 Wellbeing Practices To Integrate Into Your Fall Routine

While you might have made resolutions as early as January, this turbulent year could very well have thrown them off – which is why using fall as a jump starter to get you back to them might be attractive

This flow from registered yoga teacher Claire Grieve starts on your mat and instead with a journal where she encourages you to write down the goals you want to focus on. After that, you start into a flow that requires focus, balance, and perseverance – all things that are helpful in achieving goals. As you move through the eight balance-centered poses, keep your attention and awareness of the goals and continually set the intention to achieve them – even if you have not previously achieved them.

While it's not a new year, a new season is still an opportunity for new beginnings. And while we're still a few weeks away from the fall equinox, you can now put some simple shifts in place.


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