6 Finest Professional-Permitted Teas To Relieve Complications ASAP

6 Best Expert-Approved Teas To Relieve Headaches ASAP

When it comes to fighting headaches with tea, Hultin recommends two different approaches. To stop headaches before they happen, she suggests drinking tea early in the day (perhaps to replace that second or even first cup of coffee). If the headache has already started but you are seeing relief from the tea, she suggests making it the first line of treatment. In other words, if you experience pain, start boiling the water ASAP.

Some may feel the pain relieving effects immediately, while others may not notice the effects at all. In any case, Registered Nutritionist Abby Cannon, R.D. says, "Drinking tea can be very calming in and of itself, and this calming practice can help relieve tension in the body."


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