6 Indicators Your Nails Want A “Breather” From Polish

6 Signs Your Nails Need A

If you squirm at the sight of chipped paint, you may choose to make regular improvements. Not a simple cleanup, no, we're talking full throttle mani – buffing, buffing, the work. But if your bare nails have never seen the light of day, then you should ask yourself: should you let your nails breathe?

In fact, the myth that your nails need to "breathe" is just that – a myth. "Nails don't really breathe because they get their nutrients, oxygen and blood supply from the bloodstream, not the air," notes Mary Lennon, president and co-founder of the clean nail care brand, côte. That doesn't mean you should keep your focus on services (certain nail products can choke the nail bed and cause skin irritation). When you hear your nails need a "breather," they really need a well-deserved break – from round to round of hard polishes, acetone removers, and fake tips.

So check out your natural nails before booking another mani or unwrapping the DIY kit. You may be desperate to send characters.


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