7 Black Hairstylists To Observe + Their Finest Suggestions

7 Black Hairstylists To Follow + Their Best Tips

With box braids, using tiny elastic bands at the base makes it easier to cut out your natural hair and helps keep the braids tight. Famed hairdresser Annagjid "Kee" Taylor recommends skipping them if you can: "Rubber bands can break and burst very quickly," she says, especially if they're too tight on the delicate strands.

Braiding boxes without rubber bands, while requiring a little more precision, is not overly difficult. Taylor explains, “I suggest taking the braided hair and breaking it into two parts, one side larger than the other. Hook them up and add them to the hair base. "

Wrap the braiding hair around the section of natural hair that you want to braid, and you should have three legs: the two split sections of braiding hair and a section of your natural hair in the middle. Start braiding the three legs together and weave in more hair from the larger extension once you get to the end of your natural hair.

Find Taylor on Instagram and follow her as she honors Black History Month with her #BlackEffectChallenge.


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