9 Simple, Wholesome & Veggie-Packed Slaw Recipes

9 Easy, Healthy & Veggie-Packed Slaw Recipes

Finding the perfect side dish for a barbecue may seem complicated, but the classics exist for a reason – and coleslaw is a classic. However, an update to the standard recipe could be exactly what your late summer barbecue is looking for.

A coleslaw is a deceptively simple use of vegetables to pack in nutrients without making a salad. And while most recipes start with cabbage and carrots, many leave those ingredients behind in favor of superfoods like kale, beets, and even apples. It's easy to find a recipe that suits your taste.

Not only that, but a coleslaw can be a multi-purpose prep. It's a perfect side for a barbecue evening or can be used as a topping for tacos or even as a fresh component for a grain bowl. You can do it ahead of time as part of meal prep, and it's a great option to bring with you to a weekend barbecue.


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