A Bariatric Surgeon On Why You Ought to Eat Extra Starches

A Bariatric Surgeon On Why You Should Eat More Starches

"When people only eat vegetables, they're hungry," says Davis. "You are not feeling well." That's because starches provide your body with fiber, which will keep you full and satisfied. In particular, these complex carbohydrates are slowly digested in the lower part of your GI tract, where your satiety hormones are released. Refined carbohydrates, on the other hand, are broken down quickly in the upper GI tract, which is why they typically lead to the infamous blood sugar roller coaster.

We should note that many cruciferous vegetables are also filled with fiber, but according to Davis, the only way to get this far is by just chewing lettuce. He explains: "It will be very difficult for someone to get fiber from fruits and vegetables alone. There just isn't enough." Rather, a perfect plate would focus on all three, with strengths playing a major role.

When it comes to choosing healthy starches, ancient grains are high on many experts' lists – think quinoa, teff, and millet. You can also reach for beans and lentils, which are also high in vegetable protein. Davis himself also loves a good, homemade sourdough bread – it's fermented and full of fiber.


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