A Clear Magnificence Editor’s Favourite Do-It-All Concealer In 2020

A Clean Beauty Editor's Favorite Do-It-All Concealer In 2020

The Virtuous Veil Concealer & Primer from lilah b. comes with me now – his thin, portable little package hidden in a side pocket of my purse, or even a pocket – when I leave my house.

So unfortunately maskne got the best from me. I have a small cluster of pimples that constantly live on my chin just below my lip: it's like a group of pores that take turns to see who gets clogged. Not only that, but the masks seem to have a number on my rosacea, so I deal with redness around my cheeks and nostrils regularly. It's a relatively small price I happily pay for wearing a mask to hopefully make myself and others safer.

But these pimples bothers me. And if I just run to the grocery store or some other quick errand, I don't take care of her with makeup because the mask still covers her. In those cases where I intend to see people (sure, and everyone inside my COVID-19 bladder), this concealer is like my secret weapon: I can whip it and dab it on my zits.

The creamy formula is oh so light, so it never reads cake-like or too heavy (my absolute no-go for foundations or concealers). However, it is easy to assemble. So if you need a little more coverage, it just takes a few extra clicks. Best of all, once it dries, it stays in place. So if you have to put your mask back on, there is less risk of smearing makeup on your mask. (Listen: in an ideal world, I'd skip the make-up-under-mask scenario, but I'm human.) But it also fuses in the most beautiful, sliding way: that way I can remove the redness around my nose touch up around and cheeks without feeling like I'm on the foundation.

Not to mention that it makes an incredibly impressive under-eye concealer when I don't go to the trouble of wearing makeup on the lower half of my face. (Hey, since the eyes are all that people see – might as well make them sparkle!). The key to any under-eye concealer is making sure it's moisturizing: drying options can penetrate fine lines and make the area look grumpy. The essence of sea fennel proves moisture, aloe vera soothes the skin and red algae maintain moisture.


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