A Dietary Psychiatrist’s Elevated Berries & Cream Recipe

A Nutritional Psychiatrist's Elevated Berries & Cream Recipe

Those familiar with Naidoo's list of brain-healthy superstars probably know that she has a thing for cocoa: "Cocoa nibs are one of my favorite desserts for their crispness and benefits," she notes. In addition to being high in antioxidants for dark chocolate (it's full of polyphenols), organic raw dark chocolate is actually fermented, which means it can support gut health – and the gut-brain connection, while you're at it. Coconut provides healthy saturated fats that not only support brain cell function but also keep you full longer – despite its simplicity, this dessert fully satisfies.

Sprinkle both of them on antioxidant-rich strawberries (its compound, fisetin, has been shown to stimulate brain signaling pathways that improve long-term memory) and you have a dessert that is just right for you.

See, Naidoos Berries and Coconut Cream:


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