A Neuroscientist On Why You are Not Really Dwelling In The Current

A Neuroscientist On Why You're Not Actually Living In The Present

When it comes to mindfulness meditation, Leaf shares that our ability to stay in a state of presence has its limits: "The conscious practice of trying to stay in the now for a few moments is a very good practice around the Develop mind, but it is not the solution to cope with the chaos. "

Rather, it suggests grasping the entire context of your past, present, and future – without avoiding it. She notes, "You have a narrative, you have a story, you are responding to you at this moment about everything else." In essence, your current reality is rooted in the stories of your life – so don't ignore them. make sense of them!

In terms of how, she promotes a five-step brain-building process (which includes collecting, reflecting, writing, re-conceptualizing, and actively reaching – a full tutorial can be found here). “It takes time to get to the point where you are preparing,” she notes, “but these five steps will train you to get that 'wisdom mind' into the present , Being able to put the past and the future in context. "


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