A Plant Communication Train To Assist You Faucet Into Nature

A Plant Communication Exercise To Help You Tap Into Nature

Behind every clinical picture there is an energetic signal, a calling pulse, a break, a tear in the tissue of our being, and the plant reacts to this. By attuning to the energy of the plants and aligning our vibration with them, we can receive their healing and wisdom through sympathetic resonance.

Sit under a tree and it will shower you with its sacred geometry. If we open our hearts, we can decipher the information present in nature, if we allow plants to "speak" to us in order to reveal their ancient wisdom.

Our energy fields communicate with everything we come in contact with and by immersing ourselves in nature we let it become the architects of our own energy. It begins to redesign our geometry, to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, to rewire nerve pathways and to improve the crystal structure of cell membranes – it recalibrates our antennas.

When we sit outside in nature and sit in front of a plant, we become the essence of the plant with which we are working. The water in our body reflects its vibration and our sacred geometry is one.


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