A Practical MD’s Inexperienced Smoothie Recipe For Max Hydration

A Functional MD's Green Smoothie Recipe For Max Hydration

While you can put all the moisturizing foods you like in a blender, she does highlight a few star ingredients. We start with the obvious: green. Whether you like kale or spinach, mixing the greens will make the smoothie extra moisturizing (which also gives the drink its gorgeous color). Leafy vegetables contain tons of fiber. Research has shown that you hold onto the water much better. "The fiber really acts like a sponge," adds Cohen.

Next, we have cucumber and chia seeds: these contain "textured" or "gel" water, says Cohen. "When you look at a cucumber seed, you can literally see the gel around it," she explains. Same goes for chia seeds – they have a goopy, jelly texture when you soak them in water. Either way, the H20 molecules layer into a gel-like substance and it's incredibly moisturizing for your body. "It is in this form that is found in nature, and it is also in this form that is found in our cells," says Cohen.

She also tosses a juicy apple into the mixture. You may not think of apples as the most moisturizing fruit (watermelon certainly deserves the title, no?), But apples actually contain up to 86% water. Perhaps that's why Cohen says, "An apple and a bottle of water are more moisturizing than two bottles of water."

Here's exactly what you need to quench your thirst:


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