A Wholesome Pasta e Fagioli Recipe That is Cheap To Make

A Healthy Pasta e Fagioli Recipe That's Inexpensive To Make

In 2019 I visited Bologna with my good friend Camilla. It was November so it was bleak and it rained all the time. But it really didn't bother us because we found so much convenience in bowl after bowl of pasta and fagioli (pasta and beans).

We went to this jam-packed restaurant with students and locals, hunkered down on a tiny table and angrily peeled off our wet, damp layers of clothing.

We quickly ordered lunch and wine (of course) and went to "ooh" and "aah" over every bite of our vegetable and olive oil laden bowls. We walked away with full bellies and flushed cheeks after parting with just a few euros each. The best kind of lunch if you ask me. For this version, the cost per serving is only $ 1.15.


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