An ICU Nurse Shares How She Units Priorities And Finds Steadiness

An ICU Nurse Shares How She Sets Priorities And Finds Balance

When I started working as a neurosurgical trauma nurse in the intensive care unit, I was caring for some of the sickest patients in the hospital. For the first six months I was constantly stressed to the point where I vomited, had nightmares, and was constantly nervous.

When things got particularly hectic in the hospital, I was distracted by small tasks like picking up the bloody rags on the floor. Perhaps this was my way of dealing with the general feeling of overwhelm I experienced on a regular basis.

However, as a nurse in the intensive care unit, I realized that I really needed to focus on the ABCs – airways, breathing, circulation. These are the most important elements of life support, not those bloody rags.

It took me time, but I found that the same principle applies to life. In my own life, I had focused on trivial things instead of what was really important to my general wellbeing. Over time, focusing on my personal "ABCs" helped me find the passion of my life as a leader in brain health.

What about you? Here are three steps you can take to find and focus on the most important elements of your own life. Let's think of them as your personal ABCs.


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