Analysis Finds Sahaja Yoga Meditation Can Strengthen Focus

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Based on the results, the study suggests that long-term practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation can actually lead to positive changes in brain structure and behavior.

As the study's authors note, "Long-term meditation practice increases direct functional connectivity between ventral and dorsal frontal regions within brain networks for attention and cognitive control, and decreases functional connectivity between regions of these networks and areas of the network in standard mode." The "standard mode network" is basically the monkey mind, or the fuel behind mental chatter, which all too often is negative.

In simple terms, this study found that this meditation can strengthen the connection between areas of the brain related to attention and control and weaken the areas of the brain related to mental wandering. Practitioners also had better results when it came to impulsiveness and self-control. A win-win situation for practitioners and their brains!

Of course, this is just a study, but it bodes well for this method of meditation.


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