Berries Previous Their Prime? Attempt Pickling Them As an alternative Of Tossing

Berries Past Their Prime? Try Pickling Them Instead Of Tossing

During the event, Roe showed a way to make an easy quick pickle brine. While she used vegetables during the demo, the same base mix works for fruit as well. All you really need to make a pickling liquid is vinegar and some flavoring. "Pickling always involves an acid or a vinegar," she says. She has carefully pointed out that while in some cases a lot of salt is used in a cucumber, there is a difference between preservation (which relies heavily on salt to literally preserve the food) and making a quick pickle (in which you store) gives the refrigerator store). In terms of flavors, she talks about herbs, citrus fruits, and spices. That includes things like garlic and ginger – and we personally think that berries pickled with ginger sound pretty good.

Just heat the vinegar slowly (and not on a very high heat) with flavors in a non-reactive pan. The last bit is important: if you use a reactive (or copper) pan, your fruits can take on funky colors – although they're still good to eat. Once the brine is warm and mixed with all of the good flavors that you have added, pour something into a hygienic glass and fill it with the berries. "You must be submerged," said Roe. Let the jar cool down a bit, then put it in the fridge. From then on, it's just a wait game: "Things are inserted after six hours; personally, they are my favorite after two days," she says.


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