Blended Messages From Your Companion? Here is What To Do About It

Mixed Messages From Your Partner? Here's What To Do About It

At some point, many of us get mixed messages in our relationships. Whether they intend to or not, our partners – or potential partners – can say one thing and do another.

Maybe he tells us how much he enjoys our company when we hang out with him but then never reacts to our lyrics. Or maybe she promises to have us for dinner regularly, but then never makes an appointment. With mixed messages, there is an inconsistency between words and actions.

The inconsistency between what the person says and does can drive us crazy; We feel unclear, insecure and confused. We don't know what to believe or whether we can rely on the other person. This insecurity doesn't create a good foundation for a relationship, let alone a romantic one. If we don't address the mixed messages we receive, we live with insecurities and confusion that fill our life (and our relationship) with stress and anxiety. If you're getting mixed messages, do the following.


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