Can Gua Sha Trigger Wrinkles? A Dermatologist’s Reply & Recommendation

Can Gua Sha Cause Wrinkles? A Dermatologist's Answer & Advice

"Some people get nervous about using a gua-sha tool because it looks like it is pulling on your face and skin. We know this can promote fine lines and wrinkles. If you use the tool, however if used carefully and correctly it will not. " Cause wrinkles, "says Skinfluence founder and dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD

So there you have it: as long as you're not too aggressive with your movements, you're in for fine lines. One way to make sure you don't accidentally pull too much is to use a sufficiently silky oil underneath it. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes people make with facial massages is not using oils with their tools – the oil helps the stone slide, not pull, over the skin.

Peredo also notes that you "should make sure you are not pulling the skin down; always make an upward motion and not apply too much pressure".

And rest assured: science is on our side. For example, one study showed that rolling your face – which has an effect similar to Gua Sha – just five minutes a day improves blood circulation to the face, resulting in better skin quality and smoother overtime. In another case, patients reported feeling firmer and more supple after receiving regular massages.


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