Can You Stop Grey Hair? What Consultants Say You Can Do

Can You Prevent Gray Hair? What Experts Say You Can Do

In essence, whether you have a full head of silver or patches of gray throughout, gray hair is only natural. “The loss of pigmentation in the hair is beyond our control,” agrees famous colorist and Redken brand ambassador Matt Rez. It's largely down to genetics and aging in general, and unfortunately there aren't any existing treatments to turn these grays into their natural potency.

In particular, your pigment-producing cells (called melanocytes) begin to deteriorate, resulting in sprouted grays. "Melanocytes are pigment-producing cells that are located near the hair follicle and its stem cells," explains hair transplant surgeon James S. Calder, M.D., medical director of Ziering Medical. As your hair ages, these melanocytes stop working as well or migrate away from the hair bulb, resulting in a dash of gray. And, according to Calder, neither supplementation nor diet can successfully prevent the process forever.


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