Does the flu vaccine have an effect on my possibilities of getting COVID-19?

Does the flu vaccine affect my chances of getting COVID-19?

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Will the flu vaccine affect my chances of getting COVID-19?

The flu vaccine will protect you from seasonal influenza, not the coronavirus – but avoiding the flu is especially important this year.

Health officials and medical groups are urging people to get either a flu shot or a nasal spray so doctors and hospitals don't face the added burden of treating influenza amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Not to mention the confusion factor: the diseases have early symptoms so similar that people who get the flu mistakenly believe they have COVID-19, said Dr. Gregory Poland, Infectious Disease Specialist at Mayo Clinic.

Only a test can tell the difference between the two.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the flu vaccine for anyone 6 months and older and suggests getting it by the end of October.

The CDC says the vaccine won't cause you to get the flu and that the protection it provides takes about two weeks to kick in. And the flu vaccine isn't perfect, but studies show that the people vaccinated don't get sick. don't get so seriously ill.

Some flawed studies over the years have tried to link the flu vaccine to an increased risk of other respiratory infections, but experts say there is no evidence that is true.

Who should get the flu vaccine and when?

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