eight Professional Ideas For Each Hair Sort

8 Expert Tips For Every Hair Type

Given that hair has so many variables, there is no single piece of advice that works for all. Case in point? When should you brush your hair? For the longest time I thought I had to brush my hair dry. This is because wet hair is puffy, more fragile, and prone to stretching and breaking. ("Hair is very elastic when it's wet," Clay Nielsen, a hair care expert and prominent stylist, previously told us about wet hair.) And here's the thing: for those with straight or loose waves, this advice is true – you & # 39; Use the detangler dry rather than wet in your hair.

But for those with curls? We're better off using lots of conditioner to untangle ourselves in the shower. "Never brush your locks dry. Wash your scalp and hair in warm water to remove dirt, sweat, and buildup. Then rinse them off and then apply conditioner," says Branch. "Use a nourishing conditioner to gently detangle the hair. Exercise patience, be kind to your hair, and use your fingers and / or a wide-toothed comb."


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