How Ceramides Can Assist Defend In opposition to Transepidermal Water Loss

How Ceramides Can Help Defend Against Transepidermal Water Loss

The key to keeping your skin plump and hydrated is to keep water trapped in your skin. In fact, one of the skin's primary roles is to keep water and environmental stressors away. If your skin doesn't, or if the barrier is compromised, something called transepidermal water loss occurs. It's a gulp, but essentially the water in your epidermis evaporates into the air around you, leaving your skin dry, irritated, and angry. And it could happen to you – especially when it's the middle of winter – if you don't protect your skin well enough.

So, yes, transepidermal water loss doesn't sound great, but how exactly do you prevent it? Well, ceramides do the trick – in fact, your body's natural barrier to water loss. And you can boost your inner ceramide levels with a skin care supplement.


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