How Collagen Helped Me Handle My Darkish Spots, And Quick

How Collagen Helped Me Manage My Dark Spots, And Fast

I want to say my skincare doesn't end at the sink. After applying the usual suspects (detergent, a toner, toner, then my vitamin C + E serum, moisturizer and sunscreen), I go to the kitchen to have my favorite morning sip: I combine two spoons of mbg & # 39 in a blender ; s Collagen powder in chocolate with half a frozen banana, a spoonful of almond butter, a teaspoon of maca powder, some Greek yogurt, ice cubes and almond milk.

The result? A foamy chocolate-nut-butter confectionery that tastes like a treat. Imagine a frosty milkshake, only it's good for your skin. * And in my case, it's good for fading dark spots too.

Now I really understand what it means when people say their skin is glowing. (Trust: The charisma is very real). Of course, I still get a stain occasionally – I'm human! – but with my new morning repertoire, I no longer feel a sense of fear when a mark hits my jaw. I'm now well equipped to tackle these spots head-on – all I needed was to nourish my skin from the inside out. *


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