How Houseplants Give Us A Sense Of Management

How Houseplants Give Us A Sense Of Control

While bigger things like the weather change with you. Seasons are one way of watching the year go by. Our indoor plants are a microcosm of change over time. "They are a nice realization that time flies," says Singer of her plants, "because I see how they grow and change."

Not only that, she also points out that plants that I must tend "teach me to focus on my surroundings and be present because they are totally dependent on me". Regular maintenance of plant care, especially watering, can also help reinforce the morning routine – something many people are craving more for right now.

And for a third reason, she points out that the practice of caring for a plant in its own tiny way can make sense – beyond the other things we do every day is caring for a plant and then watching it grow directly related to our actions. "Growing and cultivating things makes sense, and right now we could all use some sense and control," says Singer. "Giving and providing life gives us a sense of control that many of us currently lack."


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