How I Grieved My Miscarriage & Why We Want To Discuss About Loss

How I Grieved My Miscarriage & Why We Need To Talk About Loss

"I'm sorry, dear. We can't save the pregnancy …" All the words that came out of my doctor's mouth after the first two life-changing sentences became a muffled blur. When I looked at him, the room seemed to expand into nothingness, trapping me in an inescapable nightmare. The debilitating horror that had consumed me from the moment my water unexpectedly broke that morning had now faded as any remaining hope I had vanished.

After a long and sleepless night waiting for labor to start, I gave birth to my twins the next morning without the joy that would accompany my first birth. As I said goodbye to them, it felt like my soul was dying too and not recognizing myself for a long time after that unhappy day. After years of failed IVF cycles, the loss of my twins was the sucker that eventually brought me to my knees. I couldn't recover.

Mourning any kind of loss is heartbreaking and traumatic. And yet, the loss of pregnancy has an added hardship due to the stigma surrounding the problem. It is not an issue that is widely debated by both those affected and the public. Why is it so difficult to speak openly and honestly about pregnancy loss?

Well, October happens to be National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. So let's start the discussion.


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